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changed. the final jobs report before out in a's election is couple hours. forecasting a to more americans out of work. if employers have little reason to boost its staff levels as demand slows. expansion is expected to be at a snail's pace. out atbers will come 8:30 this morning. linkedin is benefiting from people looking for jobs. they sold more subscriptions to base, giving third quarter sales a boost. sales may rise in today's session. the apple ipad mini goes on sale today. expect huge lines we saw with the iphone 5 was released september. as of yesterday's, there was just one guy in line. he traveled more than three from brooklyn to get to flag ships store in manhattan. saw a few dozen people in line this morning. and facebook is changing its time line. on that in the next hour. >> we will see you soon. four days away from the election the nominees are keeping final weekendeir of campaigning. >> president obama and mitt more visits to the swing states. end inoting is about to maryland. it is crunch time for the candidates would just four days calendar until day >> . let's put america
and had to operate on battery power. one is ok so far. seven days before the election. sandy having an impact on the campaign. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney suspending campaign activities for the next couple days. romney campaign bus being used to deliver food and water. the obama campaign web site has links are preparing for the storm. >> the election will take care of itself next week. right now might number one priority is to make sure we are saving lives. >> thinking about making a contribution to the red cross or and other relief agencies -- >> d.c. and maryland canceled early voting today with several cities in virginia canceling absentee voting as well. it's 41 degrees outside on this tuesday morning. >> if you don't have a car, this will be a tough day to get around. >> we want to look at some more pictures of the remnants of the storm after the east coast hit. in the state of maine is in kennebunkport, the surf splashing ofup. >> in ocean city, maryland, there is a huge wave crashing towards the shore. >> in d.c., many people are dealing with this. that
people's relationships will be put to a vote on election day. one of the district's more unique halloween events will take place. >> the high heel drag race. watch the drag queens race down 17th street. the streets will close tonight starting at 6:30. >> halloween in our area was not rescheduled because of sandy. lots of trick or treaters out there. we found some parents in the spirit themselves,ing up in costumes. >> you want to shed a few pounds? why not watch a horror movie. it can burn 100 calories. it lowered appetite, increased metabolism and burned a higher number of calories. that is good news for people that don't want to exercise. >> taylor swift has another hit record on her hands now >> 1.2 million sold the first week. it marks the second biggest sales week ever for a female artist. she also sold several itunes records. she she tweeted her thanks to her fans saying i love you a million. actually 2 million. >> we'll have live reports from the red carpet tonight from nashville. >> it will be a lot of fun. coverage you don't wan
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3